Home Run w

This flame red seedling of the famous Knock Out®kicks the competition up a notch when it comes to disease resistance. Home Run® has a phenomenal resistance to the dreaded black spot like its father.

But, unlike Dad, it is also completely resistant to powdery mildew and has a much higher level of tolerance to downy as well. Coast to coast it’s the cleanest. Rounded, bushy, fast-to-flower and nearly always in color, Home Run® hits a grand slam in the landscape and scores lots of points in a pot, too.

Color: Showy flame red
Height/Habit: Medium/Rounded & bushy
Bloom/Size: Medium, single
Petal Count: 5
Fragrance: Slight
Hybridizer: Carruth—2006
Parentage: (City of San Francisco x Baby Love) x Knock Out