When the nursery was started trees were not part of the over all plan.  That was quickly corrected due to the high demand for a wide variety of trees. Below is a fairly comprehensive list of trees that we try to keep on hand.  If you don’t see what you are looking for I can usually find it and get it for you. That is, if it is a tree that is good for our  zone’s heat and humidity.



BALD CYPRESS, FALLING WATERS (weeping)  6′ x 15′

BLACK GUM, fall foliage, 50′

CHASTE TREE- VITEX, purple summer flowers,  12′

CHERRY TREE- ORNAMENTAL, KWANZAN (pink carnation flower), Okame (burgendy bloom), Yoshino (white flower)

CHINESE FRINGE TREE (white flowers) AKA “Old Man’s Beard”

CREPE MYRTLE   (really a shrub but some varieties grow to 25′ if allowed) we keep over 200 in stock

DOGWOOD  (white flowers) (also reds and pinks) 15′ – 25′   dogwoods are naturally an under cover tree, meaning they due best out of the late afternoon sun

ELMS  fast growers, Drake, Princeton


FRUIT, CITRUS  AND NUT TREES (see another’ heading,  a wide variety)

LEYLAND CYPRESS  50′  evergreen, fast grower,  privacy hedge plant

LOQUAT- JAPANESE PLUM, nice medium height landscape tree, white flowers, golden fruit

MAGNOLIA, BROWN BEAUTY  50′ white flowers, intense fragrance

MAGNOLIA, LIL GEM  15′  profuse flowering, same intense fragrance

MAGNOLIA, JAPANESE, 40′ purple flowers in spring

MAGNOLIA, JANE -aka TULIP TREE   15′  purple flowers very early spring, late winter

MAPLE, RED  40′  native to our area, fast grower!

MAPLE, JAPANESE RED  ( differing varieties depending on availability)  *** most like afternoon shade, most will burn in full sun

OAKS,  SAWTOOTH, fast grower, wildlife  50 x 40′


OAK, NUTTALL  fast grower, upright


PALMS, EUROPEAN FAN  12′  clump, winter hardy

PALM, PINDO  15′  winter hardy

PALM, SAGO  6′  beautiful widely used landscape palm,  leaves will burn in a hard freeze but will not harm plant

PALM, WINDMILL  15′  singloe trunk

PEAR- ORNAMENTAL- CLEVELAND SELECT  25′  profuse white flowering, “Cleveland” is the newer Bradford Pear variety

POPLAR, TULIP  30′ fast grower, yellow flowers

RIVER BIRCH  40 X 20′  heat tolerant

SAVANNAH HOLLY-  8 X 35,  red berries in winter